Cyber Security Products and Services


Authentication RADIUS server compatible with Captive Potal. In cooperation with the authentication switch and UTM, the new terminal automatically ridirects to the user registration page.


Visualize the radio wave condition of WIFI radio. Understanding the radio wave condition is important for installing wireless LAN access points and troubleshooting connections.

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Cyber ​​security cooperation

Nowadays, various security products provide API functions. We use these APIs to provide operation automation solutions linked with information on various network devices. Please contact us for cooperation development with UTM products.

Security visualization

What kind of danger is lurking in the network? It is important to understand the current situation of what kind of equipment is connected to the network in order to detect the danger lurking in the network. After understanding the current configuration, we will analyze whether there are any vulnerable parts.

Cybersecurity Research

Various standardization activities are being carried out for cooperation between security products and network products around the world. We collaborate with research institutes such as universities to investigate trends in global standardization activities, investigate the latest information, and actually carry out research activities such as moving the reference implementation.