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Blockchain LiteClient
The Next Generation!
The next generation - LiteClient
The next-generation "LiteClient" efficiently addresses large-scale transactions while simultaneously achieving highly cost-effective gas fee transactions. This enables users to experience elevated processing capabilities and efficient transaction fees, contributing to an overall improvement in system scalability and cost optimization

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What is LiteClient - Features Overview

Listens to and stores block headers from the Bitcoin peer network
Sends and Receives Transactions to and from other LiteClients
Validates inbound transactions
Script evaluation of each unlocking script results in TRUE
The sum of the satoshis-in must be greater than the sum of the satoshis-out
Broadcasts validated transactions on receipt
Stores transactions and their Merkle paths
Stores utxos along with associated unlocking parameters
Does not store private keys

LiteClient: cutting costs and reducing regulatory risks

The benefit of LiteClient

A collection of modular components that facilitate Simplified Payment Verification (SPV). LiteClient allows exchanges to validate their subset of transactions by leveraging Merkle proofs via block headers, and the ability to check unspent transactions on the blockchain. This approach eliminates the need to run a full node, which can cost thousands of dollars per month. By utilising LiteClient infrastructure, exchanges can significantly reduce their running costs by approximately 100 times at the moment. Simultaneously, they can still ensure the validation of transactions efficiently and securely. The key advantage of LiteClient is that it enables businesses to scale with the volume of their transactions rather than the total network volume. This scalability is crucial as more businesses adopt blockchain applications.

Products & Tools


The LiteClient is feature-complete infrastructure toolbox to connect services and exchanges to the range of blockchain utilities BSV blockchain offers.


Currently, Our research endeavors are focused on the exploration and investigation of topics pertaining to both IPv6, the latest version of the Internet Protocol that offers an expanded address space, and Blockchain technology.


ElectrumSV is an attractive, open-source wallet option for BSV enterprises. It supports all major BSV features, has a user-friendly interface, and allows users to import and export their private keys.