Cyber Security Products and Services


Knowing the dangers lurking on the Intranetwork. It is important to know what devices are connected to the network in order to detect the danger lurking in the network.


Authentication RADIUS server compatible with Captive Potal. In cooperation with the authentication switch and UTM, the new terminal automatically ridirects to the user registration page.

How to structure your CSIRT or SOC team

Every organizations be prepared to respond to disruptive cyber incidents. Get in touch with us today for a no obligation cyber security assessment. We can help kickstart your journey to becoming secure.


Visualize the radio wave condition of WIFI radio. It is important to know the radio wave condition for the installation of wireless LAN access points and troubleshooting.

Research and Development

3D Reconstruction

We are developping 3D reconstruction techniques. We focus on IoT edge devices that demand low power consumption.

Deep Learning(AI)

Packet based Network Traffic Classification Using Deep Learning. The technology can be used to process images for 3D reconstruction.

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Cyber ​​security

Many security products provide API functions. We use these APIs to provide operation automation solutions for network devices. Please contact us.

3D Cameras

Visualize and utilize of 3D data in time that is captured by 3D camera. We are working on visualization of information in the real world and digital world.


The standardization activities of the private sector in the area of network and information. Enables companies to partner with academia that allows them to stay continuously connected to early stage research and to accelerate the translation of that research into new products that drive economic growth. Here’s what that entails.

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